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Project: Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
of Applying Compost to Aid Product Marketing

While organic diversion has increased, market demand for compost has not kept pace. Many compost facilities have growing stockpiles. One reason for this is that it has been difficult to educate the market on the economic benefits of applying compost.

The ROI Research Project will:

  • Research current literature and studies documenting ROI;

  • Create individual reports providing instructions and explaining the ROI for specific compost applications;

  • Work with the USCC Market Development Committee (MDC) to help develop and distribute targeted information, (pamphlets, handouts, webinars), that will help educate specific markets on the benefits of compost applications.


BONUS: Project: Best Management Practices (BMP) for Compost Production

Additional funds will be used to help publish a brand new, comprehensive
Compost Facility Operating Guide 2.0
which will cover such topics as:

● Water Protection ● Fires Prevention and Control ● Odor Management Employee Health and Safety ● Controlling Physical and Chemical Contamination

The CCREF will seek additional grant funding to complete this project.