In-Vessel Equipment
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Actium Grande, Classic and Batch Continuous Composter
Largest Actium Rotating Compost Drum systems
Daritech EnviroDrum
Blower pulls air counter current composting material flow; negative air contains odors; exhaust is piped to a biofilter.
Earth Flow Models 20, 24, 50 and 100
Fully-automated mixing, aeration & moisture addition process.
Earth Flow EF-20-IM/EF-40-IM
Fully-automated; features automated mixing; automated aeration; automated moisture addition...thermophilic composting in 14-21 days
Rocket Composter A500, A700, A900, A1200, B1400, B2500
Static unit w/mixing shaft
O2 Compost Cornerstone Compost system
Training program including system design; aeration equipment package; training manual; unlimited technical support.
Onsite in vessel aerobic composter