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How Does Your Victory Garden Grow?
Make Sure It Grows SUCCESSFULLY With Compost

Millions of Americans are taking to their trowels and their plants while they are home during the COVID-19 emergency. Whether it’s a container garden on your balcony or patio or a raised bed in your backyard, we want to be sure you know how to prepare your soil for success with compost! We can help you learn where and why to find compost to build up organic matter for your plants’ health.

Using these resources you’ll find:

  • Why it’s important to use compost
  • How to use compost for best success
  • Where to find compost, and other gardening supplies

The US Composting Council and International Compost Awareness Week, a program of the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation, have teamed up to bring you these resources.

You will also be hearing about this during International Compost Awareness Week, which takes place May 3-9, 2020. Learn more about this celebration from the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation.

Have fun applying compost to your Victory Garden!

Tools to Grow:

Find Compost here

Buy from Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Certified Compost manufacturers! You can count on these compost manufacturers for healthy compost because the STA program requires permits that are up-to date, which include adhering to processes to further reduce pathogens. Ask for STA’s Compost Technical Data Sheets (CTDS) to see the test results for the compost you are buying. All STA Certified Compost participants will have one from within the last 3 months, many from within the last month, depending on how much compost they produce

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How-To Garden

With these socially-distanced teachers, you will be able to start a healthy vegetable garden from scratch, even if this is your first garden! The first step is a strong foundation built on amending your soil with STA Certified Compost.

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Find Seed and Plant Sources Here

Once your soil has been prepared, the next step is planting. With these sources for seeds and plants, you’ll have a bounty to harvest.

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World-wide, we’re all in this together, growing stronger with our Victory Gardens.

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