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May 2020


California Compostables Procurement/NYC Community Compost Program Cancellation:

May Advocacy Alerts

The USCC Legislative and Environmental Affairs Committee is working on two USCC advocacy initiatives as a result of the May meeting:

CA AB 1335-Regulations:

            USCC is coordinating with Association of Compost Producers, (USCC California Chapter), California Compost Coalition and Biodegradable Products Institute to request more feasible regulations for state agencies purchasing compostable materials.


AB 1335 requires state agencies to procure reusable, recyclable, or compostable food service ware; state regulations have been issued that require only those materials that can be composted at 75% of statewide compost facilities—even though a majority of state facilities do not accept food scrap yet, making it impossible to reach75%.  Instead, LEAC is investigating the feasibility of changing the regulation to require that agencies that purchase compostables demonstrate that they there is a contract for acceptance of the material with a composter.


New York Community Composting Funding


Due to the pandemic, New York City has cancelled funding for all of its composting programs until 2021, including the $45 million dropoff program that is run by longstanding community composting organizations. USCC will support a petition drive asking for support for the programs.



State Issues


  • A coalition of environmental groups led by the MD-DC Compost Council is debriefing on the failure to move forward (even before COVID shutdown) of HB589 (requiring generators above 2T per week to divert to rescue, composting or AD if a facility is within 30 miles of the generation source). The bill did not move out of committee.
  • ILSR is working with CASA Sustainable Ag on a campaign to move 1M acres to regenerative agriculture. They are working with farmers on using compost. ILSR is looking for other states with legislation promoting on-farm composting.



  • WA-just passed bill that got vetoed for funding reasons; but two others passed, one based on the agricultural subsidy for farmers based on the Hawaii.
  • useage in state local govt projects, to buy back 50% of what is generated.



  • Scotts Miracle-Gro is finding an unprecedent demand for soils; they are having trouble keeping up with demand and are looking for more raw material. A new Tier 2 facility is coming to Ohio


  • Although LEAC/USCC was working on a letter to support Michigan composters sales as essential, the ban was lifted and this issue is resolved.
  • Grants have been put on hold as of Fri May 8 due to budgetary issues. Another grant cycle is coming up, due June 1. The Michigan chapter is submitting a grant for compost market development through the Landscapes for Lakes program.
  • Draft solid waste rules are on hold.


  • A microcosm of elsewhere. Composters actively selling products, a few have suspended/delayed organics collection due to personnel challenges.Illinois EPA is spearheading a group doing a strategic organics plan for state.


  • The legislative session is scheduled to begin May 26; the organics bill is going to be tabled due to the focus on budget for COVID related costs. The bill had a small fiscal note which is causing it to be tabled, disappointing...


  • There is a CDFA mapping project to identify soil organic carbon content across the state’s geography. It will provide baseline info that might benefit downstream programs to help grow compost use.