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Compost Manufacturers - STA Benefits - Marketing
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STA Certified Compost

Benefits For Compost Manufacturers
Quality - Confidence - Marketing


Marketing- Our STA Certified Compost program helps you market your products through:



1.     Specify: Working with organizations to require STA Certified Compost in their projects, and increase this prevalence:

A.    Departments of Transportation: In many states being a part of our STA Certified Compost program is required in specifications for Department of Transportation (DOT) projects.

B.     Erosion Control: Frequently STA Certified Compost is required before being used for many erosion control products.

C.     Landscape Architects: Some landscape architects only approve STA Certified Compost for their projects.


2.     Website: Our STA Certified Compost product listing on our website includes:

A.    List of contact info for your facilities, organized by state.

B.     Map of facility locations to help customers find the one closest to them.

C.     Food Scraps: Whether the facility is permitted for food scraps.


3.     Press releases with end users who create specs:

A.    Professional trade associations

B.     DOT’s (Departments of Transportation)

C.     Landscape architects

D.    Landscape designers

E.     City horticulturist planners

F.     Garden writers


4.     Publish promotional and informative articles in magazines and publications for end users and specifiers:

A.    Biocycle

B.     American Public Works’ APWA Reporter

C.     Erosion Control

D.    Stormwater


5.     Linked-In highlights of individual STA Certified Compost participants.


6.     Strategic partnerships with allied professional organizations that distribute and promote STA participant lists:

A.    DOT’s (Departments of Transportation)

B.     Extension services

C.     State composting organizations

D.    Organizations that sell landscaping specifications to the landscaping and construction industries.

E.     Perennial Plant Association (PPA)

F.     International Erosion Control (IECA)

G.    America In Bloom (AIB)

H.    Green Sports Alliance (GSA)


7.     Conferences, trade shows, and symposia our staff and our advocates attend to speak with attendees about STA Certified Compost products.


8.     Webpages targeted to assist homeowners or landscape architects with their decision-making through providing specialized relevant information.


9.     TV Spokesperson: Homeowners who watch Joe Lamp’L’s Emmy-award winning television show “Growing a Greener World” where our USCC logo is displayed and compost is a topic.


10.  Logo: Our highly recognizable STA Certified Compost logo, signifying your product is certified, is available in several electronic formats to proudly use on your:

A.    Bagged compost

B.    Your email signature

C.    Your webpage

D.    Promotional displays

E.    Swag

a.     Ballcaps                             c.     Shirts                                e.    Totes

b.     Bumper Stickers              d.     Truck decals                    f.    Pens


11.  Marketing Materials available for STA Certified Compost Participants to purchase, customized with your logo and contact info to put alongside our STA logo:

A.    STA Compost Brochures

B.     Compost Brochures

C.     STA Stickers

D.    Consumer Use Rack Cards

E.     Compost Folder Kits

F.     Video of tv show host Joe Lamp’L speaking on compost with your logo


12.  PowerPoints: Targeted marketing presentations available for STA Certified Compost participants to themselves present the STA Certified Compost program to:

A.    Potential customers in a lunch and learn

B.     State landscape association events

C.     Landscape architects in your area

D.    Conferences, trade shows, and symposia in your area