Methods to Use
Methods to Use

Compost – Methods to Use

Applying compost to your project is easy provided you have the right resources. Check out those methods below.


Topdressing is a method of applying compost by spreading a thin layer on top of your project area. With this surface application method, established plant roots aren’t disturbed.  Make sure not to pile compost against the crown of the plants, as this holds water on the stems of plants.  Worms and rain help mix the compost into the soil.  Generally the compost is spread 1-2” thick around trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.  On top of lawns, a finer grade compost is spread ½” thick.

Incorporate into Soil

As its name suggests, this method involves mixing compost into the soil as an amendment. This is an especially useful method when the soil is compacted or lacks organic matter, and there aren’t tree roots to avoid.  Generally the compost is applied 1-2” thick and then mixed in 6-8” deep into the soil.

Add to Topsoil Mix

As part of this method, the compost is added to topsoil mix and then applied to your project area. This method is necessary when more bulk volume is required for the project.  A ratio of 5% compost to 95% subsoil is recommended to create new topsoil.