Compost Product Certifications
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Sell more compost by getting your product certified.  Give your customers confidence in your compost product.


STA Certified Compost:

Your finished product is tested with Labs Certified STA for Compost - STA stands for “Seal of Testing Assurance”.  We are here to help you sell more compost through increased customer confidence, marketing help, and increasing the quality of your product. 


STA’s Compost Consumer Use Program (CCUP):

We have more ways to help you market your compost.  CCUP logos show your STA Certified Compost has been tested to be good for particular uses: Lawns, Flowers & Veggies, or Trees & Shrubs.  Please click here for more program detail, or here to read the CCUP Contract.


-----------------------Non-USCC Programs Below----------------------------------------------



Some customers might want a compost product approved for use on certified organic farms.   These non-USCC organizations approve your manufacturing process plan and/or feedstocks as organic.


Certified Mulch:

This non-USCC organization certifies your bagged overs as certified mulch- the Mulch and Soil Council.