Allies From Outside Organizations
Allies From Outside Organizations

Additional Organizations you can Consult for Using Compost

The US Composting Council works with many partner organizations to further the use of compost. We’ve listed a few of these great partner organizations below.

AAPFCO – Association of American Plant Food Control Officials

AAPFCO is a forum for Plant Food Control Officials and is designed to promote collaboration, standard legislation, and sharing of best practices when it comes to fertilizer and compost. AAPFCO has created a list of verified compost benefits, and cites their sources.

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AASHTO – American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials

AASHTO is an industry group that provides collaboration, resources, and guidelines for highway officials and professionals. Since State DOTs are some of the largest users of compost, they also provide great resources in that respect. AASHTO has created standard specifications for using compost blankets, filter berms, and filter socks for erosion and sediment control.

Compost Blankets Filter Berms and Socks

Growing a Greener World (PBS-TV)

Growing a Greener World’s Joe Lamp’l brings an entertaining and educational spotlight to gardening and compost. To check out some of his informative resources and videos on compost and other gardening techniques, click here.

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CCREF – Composting Council Research and Education Foundation

CCREF supports research, awareness, and education around composting, and they have consistently been on the cutting-edge of compost innovations. Click here to access their extensive resources about anything and everything compost-related.

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IECA – International Erosion Control Association

The IECA is a non-profit organization providing resources, networking, and education for erosion and sediment control professionals.

Vermicomposting with Rhonda Sherman

Rhonda Sherman is the worm whisperer at the North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service. Rhonda’s areas of expertise are vermicomposting, composting, recycling and waste reduction.

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BioCycle is a magazine bringing you information on compost and the industries supporting it.

The National Gardening Association

The NGA is one of the largest and oldest organizations promoting gardening, with many resources and online tools to connect gardeners with expert knowledge. Click here to learn more.

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APGA – American Public Gardens Association

The American Public Gardens Association promotes collaboration in the public horticulture field. Click here to learn more.

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American Hort

American Hort is an advocacy organization designed to promote the horticultural industry. Click here to learn more.

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Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful is a volunteer-driven organization that organizes community plantings, clean ups, and more. For more about the great work they do, click below.

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ACGA – American Community Gardening Association

The ACGA is a non-profit committed to enhancing and increasing community gardening in the US. Click here for more information about the great work they’re doing.

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ConServe – National Restaurant Association

ConServe, an arm of the National Restaurant Association, is focused on restaurant sustainability. That extends to ensuring food waste is redirected from landfills to productive compost uses.