Equipment Needed
Equipment Needed

What Equipment do I Need for My Project

There are many different types of equipment that you can use to apply compost to your project. Large projects may require special blower trucks or conveyor systems, whereas small projects may need nothing more than a wheelbarrow or the bag the compost came in. You can learn more here about the different types of equipment and which one will be most appropriate for your project.

Blower Trucks

Large projects that apply multiple tons of compost may require blower trucks, which are trucks that blow compost out of a large hose.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are large industrial systems that physically move compost to the staging area by means of conveyor belts and other moving systems.

Slinger Trucks

As their name suggest, slinger trucks spread compost over an area by physically slinging it. This can be an efficient way of dispersing large amounts of compost quickly. 

Front-End Loaders

Front-end loaders are industrial earth-moving machines that can pick up and move large amounts of compost from one area to another. They are versatile when spreading compost and are generally best used on medium-size and large projects.

Wheelbarrow and Pitchfork

The tried-and-true wheelbarrow and pitchfork can be an efficient option for applying compost on small and medium-size projects.


For small projects, “bag” application may be all that’s needed. This is low maintenance and just requires emptying the compost from the bag it came in.