Erosion Benefits
Erosion Benefits

Compost – Erosion Control Benefits

Among other things, compost is a great tool to prevent soil erosion. This is due to its ability to slow down and infiltrate water and bind soil together, thereby reducing the effects of stormwater. This benefit can help protect your project – whether it’s a multi-acre highway drainage ditch or a small garden patch. Here are methods to apply compost for these erosion control benefits.  Here is equipment that is helpful during that application.

Increases Infiltration

Compost increases the permeability and infiltration of heavy soils. In doing this, it decreases the amount of stormwater runoff that flows over the soil. Since overland stormwater flow is largely responsible for erosion during storm events, compost decreases this erosion.

Slows Water Flow

In addition, compost slows water flow through the soil by increasing the holding capacity of sandy soils. This further decreases on-site erosion.

Binds Soil Together

Finally, compost reduces erosion by acting as a soil “glue” that holds particles together. These “sticky” properties are due to its high humus content; humus is a stable residue that results from the decomposition of organic matter.

Case Study Examples

Large-Scale Example