Feedstocks: STA, Food Scrap & Horse Manure
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STA Certified Compost Program's Feedstocks

The STA Certified Compost program requires that compost manufacturers provide customers with STA’s Compost Technical Data Sheets (CTDS), which includes feedstocks and instructions for use.  We have categorized feedstocks into different types of materials.

Reducing Waste with Compostable Products

Compost can be made from many byproducts, including food leftovers. If compostable products instead of plastic disposables are used with food, it is easier to separate out landfill trash from compostables after you’re done eating.  Learn more here about how to identify products that will compost in facilities near you.

Horse Manure as a Feedstock

NC State Extension Service horticulturist Rhonda Sherman discusses horse manure as a feedstock in this 4/2020 article in The Horse magazine.

Food Scraps Diversion into Feedstock

In all, based on results of a survey conducted in 2016/17, USCC’s official magazine and partner, BioCycle, identified 869 compost facilities processing food scraps along with yard trim or some other material.; a 2017 survey identified 148 communities running curbside collection programs with food scrap and 67 collecting at drop-off locations.

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USCC’s Position on the Food Recovery Hierarchy

The US Composting Council supports the Food Recovery Hierarchy developed by the US EPA, which directs that society should first reduce surplus food by source reduction (better management of food to diminish leftovers); then food scrap should be directed to use by people, then by animals, next for industrial purposes, such as rendering and energy recovery, then for compost.

For this reason the USCC partners with allied organizations for collaborative solutions to food recovery challenges.

We also endorse the Food Waste Reduction Hierarchy developed by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

Institute of Local Self Reliance Food Waste Hierarchy


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50% by 2030

The US Composting Council was a cosigner on a recent letter sent by a group of influential organizations urging the federal government to turn more attention towards food recovery. The US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Agriculture announced shortly after its new goal: 50% recovery by 2030.