How-To Garden

Whether it’s a container garden on your balcony or patio, or a raised bed in your backyard, we want to be sure you know how to prepare your soil for success with compost! You can start a healthy vegetable garden from scratch, even if this is your first garden. The first step is a strong foundation built on amending your soil with compost.

Soil Prep:

How to Use compost. Methods to apply, benefits of using, and how much is the right amount to use.

Videos of compost in action!

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Vegetable Gardening.
Look for Extension Service guides like these in your state:

USDA Plant Hardiness Map


Nutrient Management from USDA

NC Cooperative Extension Vegetable Gardening

NC Cooperative Extension Gardener Handbook and Soils Chapter

NC Planting Guide for Vegetables

American Community Garden Association

Engaging Children in Growing and Cooking

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Container Gardening:

Growing A Greener World


Farmer’s Almanac

Southern Living


Raised Beds:


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Good Housekeeping


Gardening Apps:

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Ubuntupit – Best Gardening Apps for Android

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Scientific American – 20 Solar Apps for Your iPhone


Composting at Home:

US Composting Council Backyard Composting