It’s World Green Roof Day—Where Does Compost Fit In?

From Philadelphia to St. Louis and all over the country we are celebrating World Green Roof Day. These spaces bring the outdoors to urban environments and provide therapy to patients and residents alike. The following projects utilized a total of 3185 cubic yards of STA compost in these blends. With so much volume utilized for only a handful of projects, the potential for STA Certified Compost nationwide is massive. 

Check out the following six projects below.

World Wide Technology 

By: St. Louis Composting, Inc.

West Port Plaza 
June 6 2017 
Bulk installation of green roof soil on a newly constructed event lawn space . 
Approx. 600 cubic yards installed with a telebelt conveyer truck.


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

By: Laurel Valley Soils and Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
14,000-square-foot roof garden



Clayton Condominium

By: St. Louis Composting, Inc.

West Port Plaza 
October 2017
Approx. 300 yds green roof soil installed with 300’ crane on new construction activities deck for loft owners. 


Midtown Condominium 

By: St. Louis Composting, Inc.

June 11 2018 
Green roof soil installed on activities deck at newly constructed lofts 
Approx. 500 yds installed with telebelt conveyer truck

SLU Green Roof  

By: St. Louis Composting, Inc.

Green roof soil installed in planters in courtyard behind student center
Approx. 750 yds installed using super sacks to keep site clean dumped into a telebelt conveyer truck feeding more conveyers placed across roof to planter box locations 





By: St. Louis Composting, Inc.

100 Kingshighway in St. Louis City
April 2020
Shown in the pictures are planters which are filled with lightweight soil media design for rooftop installation. We mixed and delivered 35 yd.³ of this soil. The blend does include our STA approved black gold compost product.

Once completed, the planters will feature various plant types, including shrubs, perennials, and grasses.