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Why Join USCC?

We have been about green entrepreneurship since we began in 1990; now, more than ever, compost manufacturers, compost users, their industry suppliers and supporters, and the policy makers, compost researchers and advocates make up the unique community of businesses and organizations who divert resources from disposal and sequester carbon with life-sustaining soil.

Whether you join for information, products, networking, discounts, we welcome you. Learn more about our benefits, or choose your member type below and join now! (Note that our memberships run from July 1-June 30 of each year and are prorated by the day for new (not renewing) members.

Benefits of Membership

We advocate
We monitor regulations at the state and national levels, work on Capitol Hill and USEPA on issues like persistent herbicides, provide legislative support and state and local levels.
We network
At conferences, in committees and online discussion groups, through mentoring, training and events, you’ll find our community of members is collaborative and dedicated to success for everyone.
We help you grow
You’ll be able to launch or expand your business, take your program to the next level, grow your career through our professional certification program, or find jobs or employees as the industry expands through our Career Center.
We market you
Through our STA Certified Compost and compost marketing programs, we are continuously developing compost markets. We also aggressively market our members and their products.



Compost Manufacturers

Compost Manufacturers make up more than half or our members. Whether you’re producing 5,000 tons per year or 100,000 tons per year, we have benefits and a membership that fits you!

Public Agencies

State, county and municipal governments who make policy, run composting programs through contract or their own facilities make up a quarter of our members.
Join them!

Compostable Products Suppliers

These members produce
or sell resins or any
product manufactured
for compostability.

Equipment/Products Supplier

These members make our industry run, from outdoor equipment to in-vessel and parts; collection vehicles, technology including hardware & software, frames, bags and carts for organics processing.

Consultant/Service Provider

Designers of compost systems, zero waste and municipal consultants, and service providers such as insurance, financing and business continuity. Join for networking and leads!

Industry Affiliate/NonProfit

If you’re from a company or non-profit that collects organics from your workplace, manufacturing plants or retail/venue spaces, or promotes composting or collects in your community, this category is for you!


Join fellow campuses who use our resources for their programs; if you're a researcher, join the community that benefits from your work-and can help you with real-time scenarios to test your research.

Farm Composter

Keep up with federal and state regulations, best practice for on-farm use and off-farm sales. Horse farms, feedlots and racetracks also are members!

Community Composter

Information for microhaulers, community gardens and first-year entrepreneurs abounds among the resources and generous commercial composting network for community composters who join.
Individual Advocates of Composting (organizations may not apply)

Got More Questions?

If you’re having trouble with your membership signup, call or email Megan, and she can help you.

Do you want to understand more about Benefits, Young Professionals, or Chapters? Call or email Linda at 301-897-2715. If you need help with invoices, accounting or payments, email John.

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