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O2Compost: Cornerstone Compost System

Product Sales:

O2 Compost

PO Box 1026

Edmonds, WA

CONTACT: Peter Moon


Years in Business: 23




Pricing: $4,875 plus $120 shipping



It is not equipment, per se. It is a training program that includes: 1) the system design, sized to accommodate the volume of material to be composted; 2) an aeration equipment package; 3) a training manual; and 4) unlimited technical support.



MAINTENANCE: Maintenance is minimal and includes removing compost from the bin and clearing out the plenum boards before each new batch.

The aeration equipment package includes a blower; timer to operate the blower; a set of valves to direct the airflow to the respective bin(s) that are currently being used; and a 36" long temperature probe. Aeration size range as a function of volume: 1/4 hp to 5 hp


POWER/water: 1/4 hp to 5; where leachate is generated, it can be collected in a sump and reused in the composting process.


SIZE: smallest system (Micro-Bins) are 4' x 4' x 4'. Our larger block bay systems can be 20' x 50' x 8' per bay.




CURING: Active composting is 21 - 30 days; Curing is an additional 30 - 60 days; 60 days for bulk product; six months for bagged.

TESTS FOR FINISHED COMPOST: Available, contact O2.

CAPACITY, BY MODEL: typical bay capacity is 100 cy.




NOTES: Can be built out of lumber, poured in place concrete, masonry block, and large stacking concrete blocks.


www.O2Compost / projects for ~150 examples.