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Produce Compost
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Composting: The controlled biologic decomposition of organic material and stabilized to a point that the product is beneficial to plant growth.

Compost Manufacturing: Using a composting technology to process feedstocks into useful products such as soil conditioners, amendments, fertilizers, and mulches. 
The USCC promotes approaching the production of compost as a manufacturing process—begin with the end in mind!  This is true regardless of the business model: stand-alone company, component of a business like a farm or landscaper, non-profit, governmental agency or educational institution.  What will you produce, what will it be good for, and how will you market or use it? 
You are also a service provider. Your inputs are others’ wastes or byproducts, and they are willing or required to pay to get rid of them.  They are also your feedstocks, and each comes with its own characteristics, costs and benefits. 
Composting is a regulated activity, and you must comply with local, state, and sometimes federal regulations.  These include protecting our air and water resources, which are products help do!
The USCC, as a trade association, advocates for sensible regulation. Visit our advocacy pages for more details. We also champion research education and professional development of our members.