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STA Fees
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STA Fees

STA Certified Compost Fees for Compost Manufacturers

We are here to help you market your compost. STA stands for “Seal of Testing Assurance”- your end product is tested with STA’s Compost-Certified Labs.

STA Certified compost is certified as maintaining your government composting permits and following EPA limits on pathogens and metals.



Pay your STA Certified Compost’s Renewal Fees by July 1

  • Using the unique web link we send you after you sign your contract
  • By phone to: 301-897-2715 and ask for John Meidl
  • By mail to: USCC Market Development Coordinator
    PO Box 19246
    Raleigh, NC 27619


Regular* Facility

STA Price
USCC Member* Price
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Small* Facility

STA Price
USCC Member* Price
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Product After First *

STA Price
USCC Member* Price
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Derivative Products*

only for STA Participants
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*Wet Tons Produced =

- Wet tons means as-is, not dehydrated

- Tons produced = Amount sold that year + Amount in inventory at the end of the year

- Converting cubic yards to tons =

Total cubic yards X 1,0000 lbs/cubic yard = # pounds/year

(or use your compost product's conversion if you know it)

Then divide # pounds/year by 2,000 lbs = tons produced/year

*Regular Facility = Produce more than 2,500 finished wet tons/year- fee includes one product


*Small Facility = Produce less than 2,500 finished wet tons/year, fee includes one product


*Derivative products = $100/year/product that is already enrolled in the STA Certified Compost program. These are products you or your distributor would like to sell with the STA Certified Compost logo that contain over 25% STA Certified Compost and are blended, packaged, resold, and/or otherwise distributed under another product name.



If one organization agrees to centralized billing and centralized coordination with the USCC for all of their products and facilities, then for one company all additional facilities are billed at a steep discount- same price as additional products.

If the organization does not agree to centralized billing and centralized coordination with the USCC, and asks for each facility to be billed and coordinated with separately, each facility within a company is billed as a facility.


*Become a member of the USCC for as little as $415 to start saving as much as $200 plus $100 per product on your STA Certified Compost Participation, in addition to other sweet benefits.


Lab Sample Fees for each lab sample taken as a part of participating in the program are paid directly to the lab.


Penalty Fees

Appeal Fee= $100 per product

Reinstatement Fee – First Warning= $100 per product

Reinstatement Fee – Second Warning= $100 per product

Late Payment (after June 30)= $100 per participant in addition to the full yearly fee due (no proration break on the remaining months before the next renewal)


New Applicants

Invoice will be sent only after all application materials are reviewed and approved.

Invoice will be prorated at a monthly rate of the yearly fee, covering date of finalized application to June 30.