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STA Product Info
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STA Certified Compost

Product Info From Compost Manufacturers


Here are is the product info we need for every STA Certified Compost product in the STA program.


1)    Feedstocks- Ingredients in compost


2)    Directions for product use- These must include specific rates of compost application for various uses you are suggesting for customers to use your product.  Volume of compost mixed in with volume of something or depth of compost applied to the surface- aka numbers.


3)    Finished Wet tonnage produced / year


4)    Any Derivative Products- When STA Certified Compost is mixed into other materials, the mix is called by a new product name, and you want to still label it STA Certified Compost.


5)    Sign Compost Consumer Use Logo rules contract- in addition to STA Certified Compost rules contract- if participating in this program add-on