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STA Renewal
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STA Certified Compost

Renewal for Compost Manufacturers


Here are the simple procedures to follow to renew your inclusion in the STA Certified Compost program.


Annual re-certification includes:


1)  Re-sign STA Certified Compost rules contract yearly though the online form


2)  Update the copy of the first page of your facility operating permit


3)  Update your STA Certified Compost product info


4)  The testing frequency in the contract will automatically update to match your updated wet tonnage produced / year.  Test at this frequency to maintain program requirements.


5)  Maintain all contracted STA Certified Compost requirements


6)  Pay program fees yearly



   Do I need to fill all of this info out?  Answer - Yes, any info that’s not detailed or not included will delay your renewal.  Common mistakes are: Renewed permit and Directions for use.  Delays could result in late fees.

B.    Where can I find what I sent the USCC last year?  Answer - You will find last year’s info at the bottom of your renewal letter, for you to consider including in your contract this year, for your renewal ease.  At this time, your STA Certified Compost contract information cannot be found by logging in.  To make this a valid contract, you still need to enter in your information, even if it is the same as last year’s.

C.    What about my USCC membership payment? Answer - Your invoice for your USCC membership renewal will be held until we send your invoice for your STA Certified Compost renewal.  Then we will send one email with two links to pay two invoices.

D.    Why do you contact me so many times about my renewal? Answer - We know how important this certification is for your sales, and we care about your success. Every year we email, call, and paper-mail you about your renewal until you’re complete, to make sure any questions are answered quickly.  The quicker you are in return, the more time we have to market for you.

E.    May I add new products to my renewal form?  Answer - Yes, you can combine your renewal with new applications.  We automatically get test results from existing products but not from new products, so make sure to send us test results with new products.

1.    New products and new derivative products are welcomed, just include them in the form as you go.

2.    New facilities are welcomed.