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STA Requirements
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STA Certified Compost

Requirements for Compost Manufacturers

Specifics may be found in the full STA Certified Compost Rules


1)     Meet the US Composting Council’s definition of compost.


2)     Stay in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and permitting to which the STA Certified Compost product(s) is(are) subject.  Immediately inform the US Composting Council if an issue arises.


3)     Use STA Certified Compost approved labs for testing.  These labs use TMECC test methods and are held to high standards through the STA’s CAP program that tests the labs against each other.


4)     Test STA Certified Compost product(s) according to the frequency determined by the annual wet tonnage finished compost manufactured.  Manufacturer and US Composting Council both receive the test results directly from the labs.


5)     Provide customers with STA Compost Technical Data Sheets (CTDS) including feedstocks and instructions for use.


6)     Meet the EPA testing limits for heavy metals and pathogens in every CTDS for every STA Certified Compost product.


7)     Compost manufacturers sign the STA Certified Compost rules contract


8)     Compost manufacturers pay US Composting Council yearly fees for managing the STA Certified Compost program.


9)     Renew contract and payments yearly


** Please note- If a company has multiple facilities with the same product name shared across the company, each facility's product needs to be certified separately since it is created separately.