Improves Soil Health
Improves Soil Health

Compost – Improves Soil Health

Compost also improves the biological, chemical and structural health of soils. This helps both the plants that grow in that soil, as well as supporting the surrounding ecosystem of worms, bugs, microbes, and others.

Biological Benefits

Compost provides beneficial microbes to the soil, which increases nutrient availability to plants and also leads to increased humus formation.

Chemical Benefits

Compost also makes soil better on a chemical basis. It does this by binding heavy metals and contaminants, thereby making them less available for uptake by plants where they could enter human and animal populations.

Structural Benefits

Compost leads to increased humus formation in the soil. Humus is the “glue” that binds the soil together into larger particles. As is mentioned elsewhere, this binding property helps to prevent soil erosion, thereby further promoting biological health of the soil and surrounding ecosystem.