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For loader buckets 1900 mm maximum width
4' x 7' collapsible stand trommel
180 degree swing, variable discharge height; hopper capacity of 4.5yd³ - 7.0yd³ w/extensions

Rotochopper CP - 118 Wood Chip Processor
Sets up in minutes and ideal for regrinding of overs.
Can be fed with a skid steer or front-end loader from either side

Brown Bear Windrow Aerators
For skid steers, compact track loaders, farm tractors, construction wheel & track loaders
Build own windrows; material premixing not required; windrows can be adjacent, requiring no space.
Kooima Tractor Turner CT1400
High capacity compost turner
Easy service ability, easy to tow, 3″ Diameter through shaft on the drum means more rigidity and higher through put; Outside drive tire and price
Scarab Turner
Windrow & self-propelled turners
Turn windrows from 8'- 27' wide & 4'- 11' tall.
Kooima Skid Trnr® Composter
High capacity compost turner to attach to a skid loader
Easy servicing, drum throws back material, 3″ rotor tube = more rigidity/higher throughput
Rotochopper Go-Bagger 250
Portable Debagging System
Fill & seal bags/ towed with a pickup truck & set up anywhere

Sustainable Generation GORE Cover System
Modular, scalable technology for food waste, yard waste green waste etc. Simple to operate with the blower being the only moving part: eligible for in-vessel RFPs as well