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Sustainable Generation
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Sustainable Generation GORE Cover System

Product Sales:

Sustainable Generation

110 South Poplar Street Suite 400 Wilmington DE 19801

CONTACT: Brett Hoyt


Years in Business: 61




Pricing: LEASE



Modular,scalable technology for onsite composting of food waste, yard waste green waste and other organic materials. With a short treatment time of just 4-8 weeks. Utilizes positive aeration and Gore-Tex cover that blocks 80% of VOC`s and odors. Gore-Tex being waterproof and breathable keeps the compost dry. CASP: Covered Aerated Static Pile


MAINTENANCE: Maintenance is minimal and includes removing compost from the bin and clearing out the plenum boards before each new batch.

The aeration equipment package includes a blower; timer to operate the blower; a set of valves to direct the airflow to the respective bin(s) that are currently being used; and a 36" long temperature probe. Aeration size range as a function of volume: 1/4 hp to 5 hp


POWER/water: 2KWH per ton processed; 2hp blower


SIZE: 22’x50x10’, FOOTPRINT 30’x60’





CURING: 8 weeks total; 40% volume reduction

CARBON/Bulking agent:

Wood chips, sawdust, stall bedding material, etc

TESTS FOR FINISHED COMPOST: Available, contact O2.


Daily: 5 y3

Total: 220 y3




NOTES: Comprehensive training package included; Air Quality Odor Reduction (Includes compliance with EU TA-LUFT) & GHG Emissions VOC Emissions California Compliant for Rule 1133.3, Rule 4565, Rule 4566 & BACT Water Quality Clear Separation of Process Water (Leachate) from Storm Water Minimizes amount of “Process Water” needing treatment Pathogen Reduction Meets US EPA for PFRP, VAR producing Class A – Exceptional Quality Compost EPA 503: Alt 5:Use of PFRP [503.32(a)(7) and (B)(1) of Appendix B] Meets EU for Hygiene Standards and Animal-by-Product (ABPR – PASS100) San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District has issued an assessment that the Gore® Cover System is capable of meeting and/ or exceeding the emission requirements for Rule 4565, Rule 4565 and BACT when installed, operated and maintained per GORE® Cover specifications… BACT (Best Available Control Technology) Co-composting operations Rule 4565 Biosolids, Animal Manure, Poultry Litter Rule 4566 Organic Material South Coast Air Quality Management District completed source testing and achieved 90% reduction for VOC emission and 99.3% for NH3… Rule 1133.3