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Advocacy is one of the core functions of the US Composting Council, because as a group can argue our issues more powerfully than we can individually.


*fights policies and proposals that would hurt the industry and USCC members.(An example is opposing landfill yard trimming ban repeals).

* Writes letters (and encourages members to do the same) to support or oppose federal, state or local legislation (see samples here). USCC also testifies at public hearings/meetings and meets with regulators and legislators when feasible.

*Develops model legislation and regulations, such as our Model Compost Rule Template and Model Compostable Product Labelling legislation, to help states and regulators form good regulations.

*Supports introduction of expanded bans on food residuals or encouraging a state’s Department of Transportation to specify STA-certified compost are other forward-looking initiatives.

If you have undertaken an advocacy activity (written a letter, made a phone call, testified at a public meeting or some other action) on behalf of USCC or the Industry, please report it here; it helps us to know what things are being done.


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