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How much does it cost to make my compost? Do you know if you’re really covering your costs?

It’s an interesting question, especially when composting is not your only business.

Tanks Green Stuff is the Organic Recycling Division of the Tanks-Fairfax Companies which undertakes sustainable waste management as well as aggregate mining.

For some folks it might seem easy enough to take your total costs and divide it by the yards produced to figure out what your cost per yard is. However, that’s just not the case, because you may be sharing your loader, water trucks, grinder, trommel, and staff with other parts of the business working on recycling of construction waste, making wood chips, or aggregate mining.

To help figure this out, over the past year Tanks Green Stuff took on the task of creating a calculator to account for all the various costs and inputs to find out how much we are spending per yard per windrow. This makes it easier to hunt down higher expenses, and track progress as we work to improve our operating procedure.

We would like to share this new tool with the USCC community. It allows any operation, large or small, to constantly keep track of cost and give us confidence in our pricing structure.

Click here for calculator

Shota is a former U of A Compost Cat, has experience in producing, marketing, and selling both food waste and green waste compost. Shota has been in the agricultural industry for 14 years working with livestock (goats, sheep, cattle, chickens), cotton, alfalfa, nursery crops, orchards, and vegetable production. He has been working in compost for the last 8 years, and now work’s for Tanks Green Stuff in Tucson Az as Compost Operations Manager.