Landfill Organics Bans
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Organics Collection & Landfill Bans & Repeal Efforts

Numerous states have banned yard debris from landfill disposal in past decades, and in some places, efforts to reverse those bans have occurred.

Since then, there have been increasing efforts to ban organics –including food scraps--from collection in states and cities.

Organics Ban Repeals

Attempts to turn back bans of organics in landfills have been launched, and we continuously oppose these.

To fight these repeals, we are taking a two-pronged approach. First and foremost we work with groups within the affected states to lobby the legislatures and rally their supporters, because each state’s needs are unique and the issues and strategies are different. If you see similar issues arise in other states, please alert our Legislative and Environmental Affairs Committee staff liaison, Cary Oshins.

Organics Recycling Expansion Policies

We also work with our chapters and allies in states to PROACTIVELY introduce legislation that will support expansion of the organics recycling industry. Recently California, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut plus New York City have all approved policies and legislation to increase organics recycling and reduce disposal.


Webinar, Feb 2019, Composting Collaborative:

The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (Harvard FLPC) and the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) toolkit for states and cities interested in implementing organic waste bans or recycling laws was the subject of this webinar. The toolkit discusses the design of bans and recycling laws, barriers and solutions, and methods for strengthening or supporting food waste diversion. Harvard FLPC developed this toolkit with support from CET in a yearlong process compiling information through interviews, a stakeholder convening, and data from states and cities with organics recycling policies.

Click here to access the webinar.


Additional Resources:

"Keep Organics Out of Landfills", USCC Position Paper on Landfill Bans & Overturns         Click HERE.