Campus Composting
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Our Campus Composts!

Our mission and vision at USCC includes colleges and universities as we seek to divert natural resources from needless disposal, create healthy soils and organic matter and mitigate climate change through COMPOST!

Campuses are becoming leaders when it come to institutions taking on composting because students and faculty are leading the way. If your campus is already composting, contribute and info and news to us in the form below so we can share it with the community. If you’re not yet, avail yourself of all of these resources so that your campus can divert organic resources to beneficial use in soils and compost!


Downloads and Papers

Members: Additional resources for you HERE

Small-Scale Equipment Guide

Get information on in-vessel, pre-treatment and small site turners and other equipment.

Download here.

Campus Composting White Paper

                               An Overview of 2019 Campus Practices

Download here.

Who Starts Compost Programs on Campuses? 

See our 2019 survey results here.

Other Cool Resources:

PLAN’s Food Recovery Guide (must be a PLAN member for the whole guide, or a summary is available)

NC State program and Compost Facility Support Act

NC State Innovation Fellows

COVID-19 USCC Resources

PLAN’s Reuseable Dishware on Campus during COVID-19

Campus Composting Manual

The US Composting Council and Post-Landfill Action Network are proud to offer the Campus Composting Manual, published in fall 2019. Get info on everything from how to plan your programs size, how to decide what system to choose, engaging campus stakeholders and more! Preview version is available for non members below. Join USCC as a college member (see article on this page) to get the whole manual.

View and Share The Compost Story Video!

Colleges and universities -- join at bronze level, and receive USCC benefits
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College and University Member Only Resources Click here.

2020 International Compost Awareness Week



What a great chance to highlight organics recycling -- by joining your campus with the world composting community to bring awareness to how and why you collect food scrap and organics and turn it into beneficial compost!

Here are three quick, easy ideas:

  • Is it FINALS WEEK? Refresh your signage in a study area to wish students luck on their exams and a Happy International Compost Awareness Week!
  • Order some International Compost Awareness Week posts for your campus locations.
  • Do you work with an outside company who is making your compost? Invite them to bring some compost to campus for an on-campus garden and take a photo for the campus newspaper or social media with your campus compost crew, green team or sustainability staff.

Click here for ideas, resources and other info.








Add to our Campus Resources!

Do you have a photo of a sign, activity, collection setup, your compost facility, or a resource (zero waste policy, signage best practices, SOPS etc) that would help other campuses? Fill out this form and share here!