Persistent Herbicide Incidence Reporting Form
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In order to stop the use of persistent herbicides in ways that impact compost, USCC needs to understand how widespread are occurrences of its appearance.

If you suspect persistent herbicides in compost, or damage from persistent herbicides in compost, please complete this form. This information will be kept confidential by the USCC unless permission to share it is granted.

Please complete a separate report form for each incident.

>>> If a question does not apply, please write NA <<<

Details/Evidence of Event (an “event” is evidence of suspected herbicide damage from compost. This could be in a field, plot, or even bioassay screen). Be brief but as specific as possible in providing details about the event. Additional information about the event, such as photos, lab reports or other supporting documentation, may be sent by email by clicking the link in your submission acknowledgement.*


Please enter NA in each field if you are not a compost producer
Please write NA in each field if you are not submitting this as a compost user or reseller
"Yes" means you can rule out the scenario with reasonable certainty. "No" means you cannot rule it out

Please provide contact information for the person responsible for this report. This information will be kept confidential unless you give us permission to share it. Providing it will allow us to ask follow up and clarifying questions.
Information from this form will be kept confidential and only reported in aggregate unless specific permission is given. Giving us information to share with the EPA will allow the event to be investigated in detail.

To send photos, lab results, or other supplemental information, click HERE